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Lord, give me guidance.

I’m so lost. I can’t say I don’t know what to do in my situation because I do know what to do. I just don’t know how to do it. I keep pleasing the people I shouldnt be pleasing. I need to please myself and love myself before I can do anything. Why is this so hard for me to do? Why can’t I have the strength to do what I should do? Please help me, lord. I’m lost without you. I really need the strength and you’re help to get me to where I should be. If I constantly keep doing what I’m doing, I’ll never be able to move forward and lose the ones that are important to me. I need you. There’s no one else I need more than You. I need to take a stand. I need to stop being a push over. I need to be strong. This is killing me.

I just want you…

After us constantly having these heart-to-heart conversations. I don’t want anyone else. I just want to be happy with you. You would never do anything to hurt me and I’m so thankful I can trust you. I don’t need anyone else. Why can’t I just be happy with you? Why does this have to be so complicated? I just want you.

Missing you more times infinity.

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